About Migration Group

The Migration Group Company has been offering its services since 2014. We created the company to help people achieve legal status in various European countries. We specialize in getting residencies, permanent residencies, and citizenships via investment programs. Even if you can’t find your desired program on our website, you can write us a specific request; we will work through all the possibilities available for you and select the most optimal one.

As of today, we work with 31 official migration programs across 18 countries around the world, and we expand the options available to our clientele every day. We make exclusive solutions for government migration programs in the Caribbean islands, Hungary, and Austria.

Our team

Sergey Bezukhov
Executive partner

EU investment
programs specialist

Responsible for the company’s
work in CIS countries, he
regularly works with
branches and company
representatives in
Moscow, Almaty, Kyiv,
Saint Petersburg, Astana
and Baku.

Eugene Bodishtianu

Malta investment program specialist

He is responsible for all
the financial questions
that can be
encountered during
applications such as
income information, real
estate control
and tax residency.

Mark Hyzler

Malta program agent

He was educated in a number
of prestigious educational institutions,
in particular
at the University of Copenhagen.

From 2004 to 2010 he studied
at the University of Malta.
There he received his
Doctor of Laws degree.

Snezhana Bodishtianu
Executive partner

Malta program lawyer

An accredited agent for
Maltese citizenship and
residence by investment
(IIP license
108 since 02.07.2015)

Denis Dobromislov

Specialist in French investment programs

Founder and director of
Quartier Latin (Latin Quarter),
that has been helping
people migrate to France
since 2012.

Anna Shumskaya

Specialist in Greek
investment programs

Head of the company
EUEASY Greece. In addition
to her experience
with immigration assistance
starting from 2008,
she also helps people receive
higher education in Europe.

What programs and conditions do we offer?

EU countries with investment by citizenship programs
Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria

Passport programs in the Caribbean
Saint Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda,
Dominica, Grenada, Saint-Lucia

Permanent residence by investment programs in the EU
Malta, Cyprus, Bulgaria

Golden Visa programs
Spain, Portugal, Greece

Residence for the financially independent
Greece, Italy, Spain

Residence through real estate investment
France, Hungary

Business residency
Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic

Long-term visas for 365 days
Lithuania, Poland

citizenships and permanent residencies in Malta
Cyprus citizenships
Caribbean citizenships
application for residence (Greece, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Poland)

Request a free consultation

We work with residency, permanent residency, and citizenship programs in more than 20 countries in Europe and worldwide.

Czech Republic
Antigua and Barbuda
Saint Kitts and Nevis

Why do our managers delegate some tasks to their colleagues in Europe?

Our representatives in Moscow, Almaty, and Kyiv have been working with us for many years. They work with your documents in their country, send and receive documents from various European offices.

The best way to get a perfect result is to consult one of our company’s directors in advance. Migration Group’s partners regularly travel between countries for meetings and detailed consultations about the European permanent residency by investment and second citizenship programs.