Malta Residency
by Investment

  • Lifetime status
  • No limitations on living in Malta
  • Residency status for your whole family
Malta Residence & Visa Program is an official government program that has been approved by the European Union. The conditions involve investment only after your application’s  approval.

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Malta Residence and Visa Program (MRVP) started in 2015, whose goal is to offer foreigners Maltese permanent residence permits by investment. Applicants permanently maintain their residency status. MRVP has several distinct features that make it the most attractive choice for claiming permanent European residency.

The most important of those features is the fact that the applicant receives their certificate of residency in only 3 or 4 months. MRVP’s conditions allow for the applicant to be financially sponsored.

Once in possession of the residency certificate, the applicant must confirm their compliance with the program’s requirements (income/capital, possession/rent of real estate, insurance). Aside from introducing improved conditions for the program, the government has no plans on further amending it in 2018.

Permanent Residency Program Common Conditions

Having a certificate of residency allows its holder and their family members to permanently reside in Malta, as well as visit it at any time. For the first five years, the government requires for the resident to annually confirm their compliance with MRVP’s conditions.

Permanent Maltese residency does not immediately allow its holder to be granted a Maltese citizenship, as there is a separate program for that. To receive a citizenship based on permanent residency, the applicant must live in Malta, pass a language exam, and more (in other words – do a standard citizenship application).

The following members of the investor’s family can receive a Permanent Malta residency together with the main applicant:

  • Spouse
  • Children under 27 years old
  • Children, regardless of age, having a mental or physical disability
  • Parents of the main applicant and/or spouse

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